Debt Research: Boris Johnson was thwarted by a cross-party group of politicians

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was thwarted by a cross-party group of politicians. They voted to postpone the “meaningful vote” on his new divorce deal. They also forced him to ask Brussels for an extension to the current Oct. 31 Brexit deadline. (CNBC)

As finance ministers and central bankers from around the globe met at annual meetings in Washington. They discussed the synchronized slowdown across almost 90% of the world economy, but with a little agreement on how to best approach it. Senior minister in Singapore’s government, warned of “profound uncertainty” and of denial over the scale of problems facing policymakers, while billionaire hedge-fund founder Ray Dalio said the economy is in a “great sag.” With the central bankers low on ammunition, the IMF said there is little room for policy errors. Here’s a rundown of what was discussed. (Bloomberg)

Stocks headed for a cautious start to the week ahead of a slew of earnings reports, with U.S. equities continuing to flirt with all-time highs as earnings season heads into full swing. Elsewhere, the pound dropped after Boris Johnson failed to win parliamentary support for his Brexit deal. The dollar ended last week near the lowest level since July. Meanwhile, crude dipped 0.3% to $53.78 on Friday, and gold was at $1,490.05 an ounce. (Bloomberg)