Debt Research: U.S. and China were expected to sit down in Washington

Senior trade negotiators for the U.S. and China were expected to sit down in Washington Thursday and Friday, but their talks may be cut down to one day and they are not expected to make much headway. The hope was that the talks would at least result in a postponement of new tariffs, set to take effect next week.(Bloomberg)

Turkey launched a military ground incursion into northeastern Syria to force U.S.- backed Kurdish militants controlling the border area away from the region, the Defense Ministry said. The move comes after President Donald Trump ordered U.S. forces to stand aside, in a dramatic reversal of policy. The Turkish military carried out the incursion together with allied Syrian rebels in an effort to seize areas to the south of the frontier towns; armored vehicles and tanks crossed into Syria after F-16s and artillery units targeted positions of Kurdish YPG militants earlier Wednesday. Turkey has been fighting versions of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, for 35 years. The renewed conflict has sparked concerns that chaos in Syria could lead to a jihadist resurgence. (Bloomberg)


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