President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial formally opens

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial formally opens in the Senate on Tuesday, promising to shape his legacy, deepen the country’s political divisions and influence control of power in the nation’s capital for years to come. While the president faces little risk of removal from office by the Republican-led Senate, the trial may bring to life new details of Trump’s Ukraine scandal and help sway undecided voters in the 2020 elections. (Bloomberg)

The CDS Indonesia went down by 2 bps to 60 bps on 20 January 2020 from the beginning of 2020. Meanwhile, the 10-year Indonesian Government Bonds yield declined by 27bps to 6.7% on 21 January. Rupiah also continues to strengthen to IDR 13,669 per USD on 21 January 2020, appreciated by 1.44% since the beginning of 2020. On 21 January 2020, Indonesian Government Bonds auction received a significant number of the incoming bid by IDR 94,98 trillion. This offer outnumbered the total auction received on 7 January 2020, which is IDR 81,54 trillion. With the same indicative target of IDR 15 trillion, both of the auctions officially won IDR 20 trillion out of the total of offers received.

Source: Danareksa Sekuritas Debt Research
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash