The heart of the EU is waving goodbye to one of its most influential members

Indonesia’s foreign currency long-term issuer was upgraded by Japan Credit Rating Agency’s to BBB+ from BBB. Local currency long-term issuer was also upgraded to A- from BBB+. Outlook for both was revised to stable from positive. Higher ratings reflect Indonesia’s solid domestic consumption-led economic growth and restrained budget deficit and public debt. (Bloomberg)

The heart of the EU is waving goodbye to one of its most influential members. The U.K. voted in June 2016 to leave the EU. After more than three years of tough negotiations between British and European officials, its departure from the EU is finally taking place Friday at 11 p.m. London time. Seventy-three of its 751 members end their political careers in Brussels on Friday. (CNBC)

The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield was on track to post its biggest monthly drop since August as the deadly coronavirus fanned recession fears. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note, fell slightly to 1.548% Friday. The yield has tumbled nearly 40 basis points in January, on pace for its biggest monthly decline in five months. The 10-year yield also dipped below the three-month Treasury rate of 1.552%, inverting a key part of the yield curve. (CNBC)

Source: Danareksa Sekuritas Debt Research
Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash